PhD positions available

The LTRAC Multiphase Flow Group at Monash University has two open positions for new doctoral candidates starting in 2023. Join our growing team of researchers!

  • Environmentally-friendly inhaler suspensions
    • Fluorinated propellants used in asthma inhalers have global warming potential in excess of 1400 kg CO2e. They must be replaced for environmental and economic reasons.
    • New low-GWP propellants have different thermophysical properties. Their fluid-mechanical behaviour and interactions with drug particles is not fully understood.
    • Our group is undertaking fundamental research to enable the transition to low-GWP inhaler propellants. Experimental and computational research opportunities available.
    • Opportunity to work with a major pharmaceutical company and travel abroad during your PhD. Work on a ‘real world’ problem with major social and commercial impact!
Buchmann et al, Pharm. Res. 31(11)
  • Cavitation gas separation for carbon capture and storage systems
    • One of the difficult aspects of removing CO2 from flue gases or air is extracting the CO2 from the fluid used to capture it. It requires a lot of heat, and can consume >30% of a power plant’s output.
    • Our group is investigating the use of microscopic cavitation bubbles to efficiently separate gases, in order to avoid heating the fluid. Research opportunities in experimentation and computational modelling. Opportunities for study abroad.
D. Duke et al, Proc. ILASS-Americas Conference, Raleigh NC, May 2015
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