ARC Discovery Project Success

DP200102016 – ” Engineering an environmentally-friendly metered dose inhaler”

Dr. Daniel Duke – Monash University
Prof. David Schmidt – University of Massachusetts-Amherst

I am pleased to announce that my research group has been awarded a 2020 ARC Discovery Project to fund research into the development of new computer models to predict the behaviour of metered-dose inhaler sprays using new low greenhouse warming potential propellants.

The research will deliver an accurate and efficient computational model which will unlock the development of novel hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) free pressurised metered dose inhaler products. The planned global phase-down of HFA consumption will have a detrimental effect on the cost and availability of inhalers for Australians. At present, there are no viable replacements for HFAs in inhalers. This project will deliver the knowledge and tools necessary to search for and identify potential next-generation inhaler designs and propellant formulations. This may then lead to the future development of new low-cost, environmentally-friendly inhaler products. The focus of this project is the delivery of the fundamental engineering knowledge necessary to do so. Australians will benefit from this research through both environmental benefit and reduced over the counter cost for future inhaler products. The Australian pharmaceutical sector will also benefit as the research will position Australia as a leader in HFA-free aerosol technology.